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Enriching Our Communities and Engaging with Our Stakeholders and Our People

Enriching Our Communities

Supporting our Neighbors

As part of our commitment to enriching the communities where our parks are located, we participate in philanthropic efforts in three pillars: youth development and education, animal preservation and stewardship, and community initiatives that address environmental sustainability.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we supported our community partners while navigating the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to maintaining support for local school systems, educators, first responders, and veterans, we hosted pop-up vaccination events for the public.

Youth Development & Education

Investment in education is an expression of our values and a foundational piece of our community enrichment strategy. We believe that by educating people about animals and the natural world, we can inspire personal choices that make a positive impact on our planet’s health and help build new generations of conservationists, zoologists, and veterinarians.

Our youth development and education focus areas include natural history, ecosystems, animal communication and pathways toward careers working with animals. Many of our parks have partnerships with local school districts to provide ongoing support for educators and students. We offer free admission for all teachers and provide them with resources to help students grades K-12 learn about wild animals and how to protect the planet through recycling and waste reduction.

Since 2017, we have provided 600,000 free visits, providing certified K-12 grade school teachers with unlimited admission to our three SeaWorld parks and Sesame Place Philadelphia.

“Providing students with the ability to visit SeaWorld, explore the rescue center and learn about marine life and conservation opens their eyes to career opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them,” said Deborah Pedraza, Executive Director at the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools. “This exposure to veterinary medicine, ocean conservation and caring for the planet instills the importance of environmental consciousness in the students.”

SeaWorld has helped Florida’s Orange County Public School students learn about the importance of giving back to their communities in creative ways, seeing themselves as important contributors to society and have inspired students to advocate on environmental issues that are important to them.  Students grow and harvest lettuce and raise bees to harvest honey which are donated to local families and to the rescue operation of SeaWorld.  These students have been taught the important lesson that they can make a significant difference, even at a young age.

Behind-the-scenes tours at our parks give students and guests of all ages a chance to interact with animals in our care, helping bridge opportunity gaps for students otherwise unexposed to animals and wildlife education. By teaching children about the natural world and the challenges that animals face in the wild, we inspire them to become better global citizens and apply their new knowledge to the world at large.

Florida Students Help Hungry and Injured Manatees

SeaWorld Orlando partnered with an Orlando area school Eco Club to grow and harvest romaine lettuce and raise bees to harvest honey which are both used in our rescue and rehabilitation efforts. provides resources and information about our animals, as well as information about careers in the marine animal care field and educational programs at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Discovery Cove. During the COVID-19 pandemic, provided complimentary resources for students, teachers and parents to use as schools shifted to distance learning. These resources included standards-aligned classroom activities, teacher’s guides, videos and animal information books, all of which helped students and their families explore, discover and stay connected virtually in a fun and inspiring environment.

Inclusive Entertainment

Through a partnership with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (“IBCCES”), a global leader in online training and certification programs, our Sesame Place park in Pennsylvania was the first theme park in the world to be designated as a Certified Autism Center, expanding our goal to provide every family with an enjoyable and memorable visit and to provide the specialized services needed by guests with autism and other special needs. In 2019, SeaWorld Orlando joined Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove to become the first family of parks, in the world’s leading theme park destination, to be certified. Additionally, our Sesame Place San Diego park opened in 2022 with certification. To absorb the requisite knowledge and skills, our team members undergo training that includes focus on areas such as sensory awareness, emotional awareness, motor skills, social skills and communication.

How We Drive Inclusivity
  • We are committed to providing equal access to guests with disabilities. We make every effort to accommodate guests across our parks to ensure they enjoy their visit with us.
  • We provide Accessibility Guides and Ride Accessibility Programs to assist guests with physical disabilities, mobility impairments and/or cognitive disorders.
  • We also offer a complete Park Sensory Guide to assist families with children with autism in planning a day at our parks.
  • Our team members receive applicable training in a variety of areas to help them address the needs of our guests with autism and other special needs, which may include: Sensory Awareness, Motor Skills, Autism Overview, Program Development, Social Skills, Communication, Environment, Emotional Awareness.
  • We offer extra aids customized to provide up close and personal animal interactions.

Inspiring the next generation of conservationists

Animal preservation and stewardship are at the heart of who we are. In addition to our professional animal care programs, conservation efforts and educational programs, we offer resident and day camps at our parks that inspire students to become future animal conservationists.

At the height of our program in 2019, more than 250,000 kids participated in our school programs and camps. 

Veterinarian speaking to campers about flamingos

Our resident camps for grades 5–12 offer students opportunities to work directly with animal keepers, explore behind-the-scenes locations at our parks and prepare diets for the animals.

Campers feeding a giraffee

Our day camps provide students with opportunities to learn about our animals and issues affecting wild populations.

“Our camp program fosters a fun and educational environment that inspires kids to care and explore the world around them. I love to see campers come through our program and be changed by the immersive experiences that we provide. Meeting a giraffe, feeding a sloth or even making meatballs for a tiger. These are the moments that lay a foundation for our campers to extend conservation efforts beyond the reaches of our parks.”

- Samantha Postich Manager, Camps & Education • Zoological Operations

Community Environmental Initiatives

Through our work in environmental sustainability, we aim to protect natural habitats and restore those that are diminishing. We partner with mission-aligned charities across the country by providing financial support, in-kind resources, strategic guidance and hands-on volunteer work. Prior to the pandemic, our SeaWorld Cares, Busch Gardens Cares and Sesame Place Cares volunteer programs enabled our employees to help with efforts such as beach and river cleanups and storm drain labeling.

We manage and are a corporate member of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, a private nonprofit foundation that funds wildlife research and conservation projects worldwide. The Fund has four areas of focus: Species Research, Habitat Protection, Conservation Education, Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has given over $20 million since 2003 to help wildlife and wild places.

Charitable Programs

Throughout 2021, we continued to support many of our strategic partners through annual events and modified engagements to accommodate COVID-19 safety protocols.

  • We provide schools in underserved districts discounted rates.
  • We supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation in a virtual, online environment and supported Make a Wish’s annual Wishmaker’s Ball.
  • At SeaWorld San Diego, we hosted Light the Way, Rady Children’s Hospital’s annual holiday campaign. Hospital patients and staff enjoyed a light parade from San Diego Fire and Rescue and San Diego Lifeguards and helped light the park’s 320-foot Holiday Tree of Lights on behalf of kids and families spending their holidays in the hospital.

DreamFlight: Dreamflight is a British based organization that provides children with illness (some terminal) the opportunity to visit SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to participate in Dreamflight in 2020 and 2021 but resumed participation in 2022.

Proudly Supporting America's Bravest

We are proud to salute the men and women of our armed forces and their families. We are honoring the men and women of the U.S. armed services through its Waves of Honor military salute program. The program provides admission to the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Parks, and Sesame Place for members of U.S. armed forces.

Engaging with Our Stakeholders

Understanding and learning from the perspectives of others makes our Company stronger and better informed, improving our ability to provide our guests with experiences that matter. We believe in open and proactive communication and engagement on important issues and are committed to listening to and engaging with our stakeholders.

Below are a few examples of our stakeholder outreach and engagement:

Guests, Community Members, Educators & the Public

We provide regularly updated information about our commitment to animals and our educational and philanthropic efforts through our company websites and social channels. We have also provided a significant number of tickets or discounted tickets to veterans or active military personnel through our Waves of Honor program. 

In addition, we provide complimentary tickets and discounts to educators. As an example, SeaWorld partners with Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL to offer discounted visits for field trips to SeaWorld Orlando annually.  Students can be accompanied by their teacher and one parent for a full day of fun and hands-on education. Through these annual field trips and complimentary tickets and discounts for educators, SeaWorld intends to expose students and educators to opportunities in conservation and animal care. SeaWorld is passionate about educating the next generation of conservationists and providing opportunities for students to learn about the industry as a potential career path.

Educators and Educational Organizations

We maintain and provide free of charge a comprehensive suite of educational tools and packages about many of the animals that we feature in our parks. These materials are provided to anyone interested in accessing them at

We routinely partner with educational and research organizations to provide access to the animals in our parks for their studies or to support various research initiatives. Our veterinary and animal care staff have supported multiple scientific projects over our history.


We hold town hall meetings that give our employees a forum to ask questions and provide feedback and a variety of employee appreciation events at our parks including special event or ride preview nights.  We also stress the importance of strong manager/employee relationships to foster honest communication and increase engagement.


We maintain a broad-ranging investor relations program that promotes timely and accurate dissemination of company information. Multiple channels promote open dialogue with all stockholders, including quarterly earnings calls, meetings with significant stockholders and analysts, required Securities and Exchange Commission filings, our Annual Report to stockholders and our Annual Meeting.

Conservation & Animal Protection Organizations

We partner with and support leading research, education and conservation organizations that help protect species of animals at risk in the wild, as well as the habitats that are home to many vulnerable species.

SeaWorld and the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund (the “Fund”) provide financial support and situation partnership for organizations conducting animal research and conservation efforts on land and sea. The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation in 2003. It was created to raise support for grassroots conservation projects that are truly making a difference. Its mission has led to it providing assistance with reintroducing cheetahs to their native ranges in Namibia, hiring guards to protect elephants from poachers, to helping save sea turtle nests along the coasts of Central America from feral animals.

More information on our conservation work and partnerships and our support of the Fund can be found in the Research & Conservation section.


We engage with policymakers on issues aligned with our focus on protecting animals and the wild wonders of the world. For example, SeaWorld has supported a wide range of federal legislation related to ocean conservation, marine mammal protection and endangered species management. These bills included The SAVE North Atlantic Right Whales Act of 2021; The Right Whale Coexistence Act of 2022; The Manatee Protection Act of 2021; The Restoring Resilient Reefs Act of 2021; The Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2021; and The Sustainable Shark Fisheries and Trade Act of 2021. 

Our People

Employee Engagement

At United Parks & Resorts, our employees play a vital role in fulfilling our purpose by helping facilitate the unique educational opportunities for which our parks are known. We chose the title “Ambassadors” to reflect the trust we place in our employees to represent the SeaWorld legacy and be advocates for our mission. Every day, our Ambassadors provide memorable and impactful experiences for our guests, delivering thrills and entertainment and helping promote animal welfare and conservation.

To provide a working environment that inspires, celebrates and elevates our employees, we offer a range of benefits, promote continuous learning and development, celebrate our diverse team and work to further increase inclusivity across the company.

We aim to promote productive employment and decent work for all by casting a wide net in our hiring processes and providing opportunities for individuals to grow and be supported in their careers.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We know our Ambassadors are our greatest assets, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, or belief system. That’s why one of our key priorities is creating an environment where all our Ambassadors feel accepted, included and supported in their careers, with unbiased recognition and celebration.

Over the past few years, we have made important progress in our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DEI”) initiatives, but we recognize we’re only at the beginning of a long journey to build out those initiatives.

Diversity Outreach Efforts

We partner with a broad range of organizations to help diversify our talent pool. We seek to expand opportunities for individuals representative of various communities, including Hispanic, LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous and people of color, underserved students, and veterans. Some of our partnerships include Hiring Our Heroes, the National Black MBA Association, Classificados Orlando, and Reaching Out MBA.

Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Zoology

Through partnership with the AZA, SeaWorld is working to increase diversity and representation in the zoo industry. In support of those efforts, approximately 66% of SeaWorld’s zoological team is female.

Ambassador Learning & Development

We provide Ambassadors with access to Learn at SEA, an online learning management system, which hosts over 600 self-guided virtual courses. Providing a virtual model strengthens our foundational training while adding flexibility for our Ambassadors in balancing training time with other life and family priorities. We continue to balance technology with adult learning methodologies to increase retention and recall strategies in the park to maintain our high level of guest service.

Other specialized and role-specific trainings include:

  • Standardized leadership training, which offers six modules for full-time and frontline supervisory roles
  • Generational leadership training, which aligns with our DEI goals by dispelling stereotypes and addressing the challenges of leading in a multi-generational organization
  • Bias awareness training, which helps equip our managers with the skills to become more aware and inclusive leaders
  • Standardized instructor certification trainings, which improve consistency and continuity for in-park and departmental trainings

Listening to Our Ambassadors

We believe listening to and acting on the ideas and concerns of our Ambassadors not only builds trust but strengthens our culture and our business. That is why we provide a variety of ways for our Ambassadors to share their feedback.

Our primary form of communication will always be in-person—through team meetings, collaboration, leadership discussions and town hall meetings. However, maintaining a culture of open communication also means giving Ambassadors a chance to share what is on their minds in confidentiality, too.

In 2022, we resumed conducting annual Ambassador Engagement Surveys to provide us an opportunity to hear from our workforce on a variety of topics like their relationship with their manager and team, career growth and development opportunity, belonging, inclusion and company culture. The survey provides Ambassadors the opportunity to share what is on their minds via open-text response boxes. At the completion of the survey, results dashboards will be distributed to managers, highlighting their key opportunity areas and suggesting actions to create a more engaged workforce.  

In addition, we conduct pulse surveys to gather feedback on specific topics and issues that impact the employee experience. These insights help us adapt to the changing needs of our Ambassadors. We also conduct Exit Surveys to ensure we’re capturing the voice of those Ambassadors who have chosen to leave and help us understand ways in which we can continue to improve. 

Supporting Our Talent

As an employer, we are grateful that many of our Ambassadors and executive leadership gained their initial passion for animals during childhood visits to our parks, later turning that passion into fulfilling careers. We are committed to helping all our Ambassadors reach their full potential by supporting them throughout their time at SeaWorld.

Ambassadors Creating Excellence (“ACE”) Recognition Program

To increase Ambassador engagement and retention, our ACE program encourages and recognizes positive actions that contribute to overall business excellence and align with our mission and purpose. The program also gives us a way to highlight Ambassadors working behind the scenes and individuals who have achieved career advancement and milestones.

We launched ACE at three of our parks (SeaWorld San Antonio, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Sesame Place Philadelphia) in August 2021 and expanded to all parks later in the year. Certain job levels are eligible to receive on-the-spot kudos in the form of recognition cards that can be redeemed for branded merchandise, park experiences and more, as well as recognition via annual awards and spotlights on our intranet and social media pages.

Employee Benefits

Our Ambassadors have the awesome responsibility of creating experiences that matter for our guests, the animals in our care, and each other every day. Through their commitment and kindness, our Ambassadors help create inspiring memories that last a lifetime. We want them to feel supported and appreciated during their careers with us, and that’s why we offer both our full-time and part-time Ambassadors a range of various insurance, retirement and fringe benefits.

Both full-time and part-time employees have access to 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off (PTO), tuition reimbursement, free Medicare assistance and consulting, access to our employee assistance program, pet insurance, broader perks to provide access to savings for local and national discounts and of course, free and discounted park benefits.

For full-time employees, we add a core benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, along with life insurance, short-term disability insurance, Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts and Dependent Flexible Care Spending Accounts. Our full-time employees have access to eight annual face-to-face sessions through our employee assistance program along with family medical leave. Salaried Ambassadors enjoy flexible and unlimited paid time off with manager approval. We began expanding our medical program in 2021 to add new programs to support condition management. We initially launched three condition management programs: oncology, back and joint care, and diabetes management. Each of these programs include deeper care integration, concierge assistance with claims as well as technology to make access to care as easy as possible.

We introduced telemedicine for regular physician, dermatology and behavioral health visits to our health and wellbeing services in 2020. 

Employee Health & Safety

We prioritize creating an environment that is safe for everyone, and where all Ambassadors understand the policies and procedures that ensure that protection. Health and safety policies in our parks and for our employees are determined by state, federal and Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, and our corporate-level health and safety policies are modified based on local policies and procedures. Injury and illness prevention plans are in place at all facilities and supported by on-site clinics for employees and guests, and response protocols and treatments are overseen by local medical directors.