united parks

Located in Poplar Bluff, Mo., Hydro Adventures, formerly Bluff Falls, was a small, struggling water park on the verge of shutting down. United Parks purchased the park and immediately improved efficiency, marketing, and employee training and morale. It invested capital to return the park to pristine condition, expand food and game options, and add new attractions.

Daytona Lagoon, located in Daytona Beach, Fla. just steps from the city’s famed beaches, is a seasonal waterpark and a year-round mega family entertainment center. United Parks purchased the park in 2015 and immediately implemented several operating efficiencies and enhanced marketing strategies. It invested capital to improve the aquatic infrastructure and physical plant, expand the food offerings including catering options, upgrade the cabanas and furniture, and added many new and exciting games to the arcade.

Playland, which opened in 1928, is one of the nation’s most iconic amusement parks. Located in Rye, New York, the park is one of the few in the country owned by a municipality (Westchester County).In 2016, Standard Amusements finalized a public-private partnership with Westchester County by which it will invest approximately $30 million to revitalize the park through a number of significant upgrades to rides, restaurants, and Playland’s physical plant. United Parks will operate Standard Amusements.