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Daytona Lagoon Enjoys Stellar Inaugural Season Under United Parks Ownership
Guests Enjoy Safe, Fun-filled Summer as New Owner’s Begin to Fulfill Promise of Comprehensive Park Overhaul

Daytona Beach, FL—October 24, 2016— Daytona Lagoon water park has been a Daytona Beach institution for many years, but the summer of 2016 brought a sense of excitement and anticipation not seen since the park opened for business in 2005. Much of the excitement stemmed from the initial phase of a multi-year park overhaul planned by new owner, United Parks, a leading national amusement park operator, which brought visitors to the park in droves for a summer of family entertainment.

United Parks, which acquired Daytona Lagoon in August, 2015, began upgrading the park in time for the 2016 season, spending $1.5 million on capital improvements. These included updates to all water attractions; installation of 13 of the latest arcade games; the addition of 12 new cabanas, which include new furniture, flat panel TVs and ceiling fans; upgrades and expansion to the bar area, a new gift shop, new poolside furniture, and upgrades to the physical plant. When the overhaul is completed, United Parks’ substantial investment will reward guests with an overall park facelift, new attractions, a broader food selection, and improved amenities.

“The upgrades that our guests experienced at Daytona Lagoon during the recently concluded season were evident in every aspect of their visit – an energetic new facility that you feel from the second you walk through the front door,” said Brock Falfas, Daytona Lagoon’s general manager. “Aside from the physical upgrades, which will continue this offseason, the comment that we heard over and over from our guests was about the exceptional level of service that they experienced from our team members. Internally, we constantly remind our staff that they should be seeking opportunities to ‘SPLASH our customers with service’, and it’s gratifying to know that our words translated into actions that our guests noticed.”

In addition to Daytona Lagoon, United Parks also operates Hydro Adventures in Poplar Bluff, Mo. – and is poised to become the next operator of historic Rye Playland in Westchester County, N.Y.

About United Parks
United Parks is focused on opportunities in the amusement park, water park, and entertainment industries. The company features a senior management team that brings more than 100 years of operating experience. United Parks is an indirect subsidiary of Purchase Capital, an investment firm led by Nicholas J. Singer that provides patient capital for private and public companies with significant potential for long-term value creation.