Killer Whales at SeaWorld Killer Whales at SeaWorld
Killer Whale Education & Conservation

Our SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks deliver educational experiences intended to create a deeper understanding, respect and desire to protect all wildlife.

The numerous informal learning experiences inside our parks include educators, show and exhibit narrations, and interpretive and interactive graphics. Additionally, our award-winning education programs help schools, teachers, children, and adults explore the world and learn about animals through:

  • Camp programs
  • Instructional field trips
  • Animal information website
  • National awards programs
  • Teacher workshops and resources

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Youth Advisory Council

The SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Youth Advisory Council was established with the understanding that in order to accomplish our goal of reaching and connecting with young audiences with the message of conservation and wildlife protection, we must also meaningfully engage young people in guiding our decisions and work. Since its launch in 2015, we have brought together an outstanding group of young leaders from around the globe, ready to provide guidance and input to our work from their perspective, while leading programs that directly support our conservation efforts and priorities.

As a company dedicated to creating the next generation of conservationists, United Parks & Resorts values the input, critical perspectives, and leadership of young people who are passionate about animal stewardship and environmental conservation.

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