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SeaWorld San Diego Leads the Way in Recycling

March 17, 2018
SeaWorld San Diego just received an incredible honor, and we could not be more proud!

June 27, 2017

SeaWorld San Diego just received an incredible honor, and we could not be more proud!

Recently, SeaWorld San Diego was honored with the city of San Diego’s Outstanding Achievement Award for its 2016 waste reduction and recycling efforts, highlighting the park’s over 20 year legacy of being a leader in recycling.

Over the past two decades, SeaWorld San Diego has been incredibly involved in implementing new means of waste reduction and encouraging recycling efforts. The park’s tireless work has been highlighted in its receiving of the City of San Diego’s Recycler of the Year award 19 times since 1994 and being a nine-time recipient of the California Waste Reduction Award.

Wondering what SeaWorld San Diego is actually doing concerning recycling? How about:

  • recycling nearly 43,000 pounds of stainless steel and more than 56,000 pounds of reusable pallets
  • reusing 10,000 gallons of melted snow from its Christmas Celebration’s Snow Hill wintery play area to water landscape
  • donating of 12,000 pounds of (normally rendered) excess fish to a local wildlife refuge center

That’s just to name a few...

SeaWorld has and will continue to champion initiatives like this that will help address environmental challenges in the areas of waste, water and food. This can already be seen with eliminating the single-use of paper bags from the gift shops and the removing polystyrene tableware and flatware from it’s restaurants.

SeaWorld San Diego will continue to keep it’s community beautiful, clean and environmentally safe and could not be more honored to be recognized for this incredible environmental achievement.