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Meet The SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team

August 17, 2015
Since 1965, SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 17,000 animals, with sea lions, seals and marine birds comprising the vast majority of those animals rescued.

Since 1965, SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 17,000 animals, with sea lions, seals and marine birds comprising the vast majority of those animals rescued. The goal is to successfully rehabilitate animals for return to the wild.  

Our park’s Rescue Team is comprised of veterinarians and senior animal care specialists with years of experience working with a variety of animals. To prepare for the 2017 season, they will be joined by seasonal animal care specialists to assist with rescue and rehabilitation efforts. 

Get to know the Rescue Team: 


Dr. Todd S.
SeaWorld Career: 15 years 
“Human doctors are fortunate to find answers to medical questions and read about human physiology in textbooks or online references. The practice of aquatic animal medicine is unique, in that we are continually discovering medical conditions and describing novel physiologic adaptations that are not described in textbooks. Every day, we are pioneers in the field.” 


Dr. Kelsey H.
SeaWorld Career: 7 months
“My favorite types of cases are rescues that come in with fishing line around their necks because it is so rewarding to disentangle them and know that we’re helping them recover!” 


Dr. Tres C.
SeaWorld Career: 5 months
“I really love the complicated, rescued pinniped wound cases (injured by shark bites and boat strikes) that come in. Being able to use my surgical skills to help them and then have a chance to watch them heal, and be released back into the wild happy and healthy… always a rewarding experience.” 


Eric O.
SeaWorld Career: 25 years
“I’ve had the opportunity to assist with stranded animals all over the world. I like the hard work that goes into taking care of rescued animals and their rehabilitation. Not a lot of people get to see how cool it is when an animal is returned after all that work.”


Kim P.
SeaWorld Career: 18 years
“I have loved birds my entire life! I started rescuing birds when I was a little girl with my grandmother. I am very excited to be part of the SeaWorld Rescue Team!”


Jody W.
SeaWorld Career: 22 Years
“The responsibility to care for wildlife in need is awe-inspiring. There are ambassadors in our Rescue Team that I have looked up to for years and they continue to inspire me. Then there’s the next generation that brings amazing energy and new ideas. I hope to inspire them as much as those who inspired me.”


Mark B.
SeaWorld Career: 40 years
“I’ve seen and experienced many things. Raising Buster the dolphin and Abby the sea otter are my most emotional experiences.” 


Jonathan D.
SeaWorld Career: 14 years
“I’ve been a part of the SeaWorld Rescue Teams at both our Orlando and San Diego parks. If the saying ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ is true, then I’ve never worked a day in my life.” 


Jonathan D.
SeaWorld Career: 9 years
“I have a passion for animals, reading and the outdoors. When I’m not at the park assisting with rescue efforts, I play second parent to two dogs.”


Anne M.
SeaWorld Career: 21 years
[On working with rescued birds] “It’s never the same day twice when you work with birds. Different species have different needs, and each presents its own challenge.” 


Kevin R.
SeaWorld Career: 40 years
“Who would have thought a summer job at SeaWorld Ohio would turn into this wonderful career? I never expected to be a part of such fun and rewarding experiences like helping to raise baby walruses, rescuing thousands of sea lions or rehabilitating an orphaned gray whale.”


Jorge V.
SeaWorld Career: 20 years
“I visited SeaWorld for the first time on an education field trip in third grade. My senior year in high school, I won the SeaWorld Science Scholarship award, presented by Danielle Magee!”


Jennifer Z.
SeaWorld Career: 21 years
[On her favorite animal] “I LOVE ELEPHANT SEALS!!!”


Hunter A.
SeaWorld Career: 4 years
“Some of my favorite rescue memories include being able to raise and bottle-feed harbor seal pups.”


Alaina J.
SeaWorld Career: 12 years
“As a child, I wanted to come to SeaWorld every summer. Now my favorite thing is bringing my kids here.”


Johnnie K.
SeaWorld Career: 3 years
“I’ve always wanted to work with marine mammals. Being able to work with them here at SeaWorld has been a real dream come true.” 


In the event of a sea turtle rescue, the team is also assisted by our aquarists:


Danielle C.
SeaWorld Career: 11 years
“Being a part of the rehabilitation of endangered or threatened species, such as sea turtles, has been the most challenging and rewarding part of my career. I'm thankful every day that I'm able to share my passion and experiences with others."


Jessica P.
SeaWorld Career: 6 years
“Every step of a sea turtle’s journey through life is full of challenges, and I have dedicated myself to be a helping hand when it finds itself in troubled waters.”

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