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Meet Molly Martony One of the Research Scientists Working With Ocearch

October 7, 2019
Molly is a practicing veterinarian who completed a year-long aquatic veterinary internship at SeaWorld San Diego and the National Marine Mammal Foundation.

Meet Molly Martony, DVM. 

Molly is a practicing veterinarian and currently working toward becoming board certified in aquatic veterinary medicine through the University of Florida. Molly completed a year-long aquatic veterinary internship at SeaWorld San Diego and the National Marine Mammal Foundation, and is now part of SeaWorld’s aquatic animal residency program. She has completed a full year at SeaWorld Orlando and is currently at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, working as a clinical veterinarian with mentorship from staff veterinarians.

“Working with the teams at SeaWorld and Bush Gardens has allowed me to expand my clinical skills and medical knowledge, practicing on a diverse array of aquatic and terrestrial species,” Molly explained.  “SeaWorld has also provided me the opportunity for clinical research, facilitating authorship of five scientific publications on dolphins, manatees, penguins, and a harbor seal.”

Molly has used the knowledge she gained while working with Sharks at SeaWorld

Now, as part of SeaWorld’s partnership with OCEARCH, Molly is one of the research scientists aboard the Nova Scotia expedition where OCEARCH recently tagged its second largest white shark ever.  

“The opportunity to work with OCEARCH has allowed me to utilize the diagnostic imaging techniques and medical knowledge I gained working with sharks at SeaWorld. Applying my experience and clinical skills to free ranging wildlife has allowed me to grow as an aquatic veterinarian and researcher.”

“Ultimately, my goal is to become a specialist of aquatic animal medicine, contributing to the health and knowledge of aquatic species worldwide.”

Molly is a research scientist on an expedition in Nova Scotia with OCEARCH