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Corporate Partners

Together We Make a Difference

We can't do this alone. Meet some of our partners that help us protect our oceans and the animals that live there.

  • Ocean research partnership


    SeaWorld and OCEARCH are working together to share research on tagged animals to help preserve the ocean and protect marine life. Download the app to follow this groundbreaking technology and observe the navigational patterns of sharks and other animals that have been tagged with satellite tracking.

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  • Guy Harvey Painting

    Guy Harvey

    As Guy Harvey fans, we are proud to work together and protect the world's oceans -- and one of the most critical predators in those oceans, the shark. Through joint research projects, we'll increase scientific understanding of the issues facing these incredible fish and their habitats. Guy's artwork is on full display in our SeaWorld parks and shops - including a signature Mako mural at SeaWorld Orlando for all guests to enjoy. 

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  • Humane Society partnership

    The Humane Society of the United States

    SeaWorld and the Humane Society of the United States are working together to focus on the health of our oceans and the animals that call it home. This important partnership helps each team extend their own mission and is based on shared goals: to protect and preserve animals.

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  • The everglades

    The Everglades Foundation 

    SeaWorld has partnered with The Everglades Foundation since 2016, investing in the Everglades Literacy program, which provides K-12 educators with the curriculum and tools to educate young Floridians about the ecological and economic impact of the ecosystem, and why saving this national treasure is important to all Floridians and the animals and plants that call it home.

    In 2018, SeaWorld also announced a joint donation with Coca-Cola through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, in partnership with The Everglades Foundation, to support a freshwater replenishment project with Audubon Florida. The project is expected to replenish an estimated 37 million gallons of water within the Western Everglades to support local wildlife habitats.

  • Killer whale swimming in water

    National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

    SeaWorld continues its commitment to the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s Killer Whale Research and Conservation Program, which is focused on increasing prey availability, improving habitat quality, and furthering critical research for the recovery of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population.

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United Parks & Resorts is proud to partner with these excellent brands and products.

Sesame Workshop

Sesame Workshop has been a valued partner of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. since the 1980 opening of Sesame Place in Philadelphia, PA. The partnership has evolved and grown over the years to provide entertainment, fun for all ages and educational opportunities for our guests through whirling rides, splashy slides, exciting shows and everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends.

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Sesame Workshop logo
Coca Cola

Official Beverage Partner

Bad Boy Mowers

Official Lawn Mower