FloridaInsider.com | William C. 

Daytona Lagoon is Daytona Beach’s best water park and the best place to get your fix of water slides, a wave pool and great family fun in general. It makes for an ideal water park due to its size and for the amount of fun activities available at the park. One of the best features of the park is the MEGA Arcade.

The MEGA Arcade is an attraction located in the Family Entertainment Center. Guests can challenge each other in over 70 immersive games. Games available are Skee ball (a.k.a Skeeter’s ball) and air hockey. In case you’re not familiar with a Skee-Ball machine, it is an arcade game that is played by rolling a ball up an inclined lane and over a “ball-hop” hump that jumps the ball into bullseye rings.

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